The purpose of our blog today is to explain a little bit about why property management for homeowners associations is so much different than property management for residential properties. They are two completely different fields with two separate sets of laws.

In HOA management, you’re dealing with the Davis Stirling Act and all the rules and regulations that come with the management of common interest properties. For residential property management, we deal with all California state laws, particularly as they pertain to landlords and tenants. You also need to be aware of any local laws that apply. For example, we are in San Francisco, which means we also have rent control laws to work with.

Here’s the bigger picture: as a property manager, you can work with all owners (as an HOA property manager) or you can work with many tenants and one owner (residential property management). I don’t know what your mentality is like, but we don’t have the mentality that best serves a number of different owners under one homeowner’s association. For that reason, we do not manage HOAs. At Property Management Systems, we prefer to work with one like-minded individual as a property owner and help those tenants living in the owner’s building or house. We find we are able to do this work successfully, making the property owners we work with successful as well.

If you have further questions about the difference in these two types of property managers, please visit our Property Management Systems website, and we’d be happy to tell you more.