Expert Witness and Additional Services

Our property management expertise, built over more than a decade in the industry, goes well beyond the basics.

In addition to Full-Service Property Management, Rent Board Assistance, and management for Homeowner Associations, we also offer the following services.

Consulting >>

Our consulting goal is to empower you to effectively manage your property on your own.

Expert Witness Solutions >>

When your legal proceeding requires a witness with property management expertise, we bring deep industry insight and experience to the case and to court.

Interim Management >>

For owners who manage their own properties, we provide short-term property management while you are on vacation or otherwise temporarily indisposed.

Mystery Shopping >>

We act as "mystery shoppers" for other property management firms and owners who desire to improve their rental processes or get feedback on their employees' customer service.



We are skilled in offering consulting advice to help you better manage your property. Some of the topics we consult on include:

  1. Property Maintenance
  2. Leasing Strategies
  3. Tenant Relations
  4. Marketing the Property
  5. Increasing Income Potential
  6. Hiring Resident Managers
  7. Initial Move-Out Inspections

Put our experience to work for you, and maximize your real estate investment. Contact us for more information on Consulting.

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Expert Witness Solutions

We bring over a decade of industry insight—plus our enduring commitment to the ethics of our profession—to enhance your residential property-related case. Our expertise and experience in court ensure you get the information you need with professionalism and ease.

Contact us for more information on Expert Witness Solutions.

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Interim Management

When you are on vacation or otherwise temporarily unable to manage your property personally, Property Management Systems can step in to help for the interim.

We will handle your property as if we managed it full time. We will custom design an interim solution with you from our full suite of Property Management Services, including:

  1. Accounting—to handle the financial transactions related to your property
  2. Leasing—to expedite the rental of your unit(s) while you are away
  3. Maintenance—to ensure the complete care of your physical property
  4. Full-Service Management—for comprehensive day-to-day management

Rest easy, knowing that your property is in expert hands while you are away. Contact us for more information on Interim Management services.

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Mystery Shopping

We provide "mystery shopping" services to other property management firms and individual owners to give them inside information on how their customers perceive them. We "shop" your staff and/or building and provide you with a detailed report.

Take advantage of the opportunity to improve your own property management business. Contact us for more information on Mystery Shopping services.

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